Saturday, July 10, 2010

Alpharetta auto repair- a trusted name

Alpharetta Auto repairs takes up the repairs of Honda, Acura, Toyota and many other models and makes. It has certified mechanics, takes personal care of the customers, offers drives to and fro while the car is in the shop for repair. When an accident occurs or when a vehicle breaks down on the highway, people immediately remember its service. That is the kind of trust people developed.

This firm offers towing service if your car is stranded on the highway. Just give a call and your car will be towed to the shop and offers you lift to your home. They offer twenty four hour service so that you are not left on the road. This towing service is free of cost. It provides a garage with all equipment to repair any model or make. Many of the cars have computers and sensors in their cars. The mechanics here are trained from time to time in the new technology to serve you better. They are constantly updated to meet your requirements.

Finally, the staff at Alpharetta Auto repairs will answer your questions at any time. They will inform everything you want to know about your car and tell you what type of parts would best suit your car. The staff will have a follow up with you to know that your car is running smoothly and no new problems have come up. The staff here builds a long standing relationship with their customers.


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  2. I love to collect cars especially auto parts, so here I am now who is looking for the best or trusted auto repair shop that can customize my cars in the design that I want. So, this would be a big help for me. Thank you for sharing this one.

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